Baba Antropofágica in Glassell Park

Re-creation of Lygia Clark's Baba Antropofágica (Cannibalistic Drool) 

Baba Antropofágica , 1973

Baba Antropofágica, 1973


The Brazilian artist Lygia Clark first developed Baba Anthropofágica in 1973 with a group of her students at the Sorbonne in France. With one person laying face-up on the floor, the others hold spools of thread in their mouths, slowly pulling out the saliva-coated thread to eventually cover the entire body of the person on the floor. At the end of this time, the threads are collectively lifted.


Baba Antropofágica

Wednesday, August 20, 8pm

Glassell Park garage, LA, CA

No audience, only participants