bodies without resistance



Yeah, it was very strange... I felt my feet in my stomach. Or when you were touching my ears I really felt my tongue. And my forehead feels so strange right now. But there was something that happened, where, when you would begin on a spot, I would ease into it, and then I would check out. And then I would dream of something, like I would see something else, and I noticed my face tensing up to whatever that experience was. And then I would fall asleep, and I had a lot of twitches. I twitched a lot, I was noticing. Like the sensation of being in class and falling asleep, and then jerking. There was a lot of that. But I think I was most interested in when you were touching the soles of my feet, that they were like here. But I was thinking of the same thing when you were here, that I was feeling that here you know, in my head…when you were on my thighs I was feeling it in my head. And how my ears felt like they were connected to my tongue. It was super like magic trick, sort of thing, like being cut up, or phantom limb type of stuff.


I felt like as you were moving up my body, the table was tilting, like my head was lower than my body. And then, once when you were up by my shoulders, I started getting this feeling kind of like when you get goosebumps my skin prickling, but there was sort of an electrical sort of feeling, like I could feel it moving through my body. And I had such a weird relationship to scale like I felt like your hands were really big.


But it felt SO good, with my neck suspended, just completely letting you, letting the weight of my head go… I just got the sensation that, like my body parts were extending or something… in all different directions, like expanding. It kinda felt like… like… oh, at one point I forgot that your hand was underneath my butt. At first I was like, “ooh!” And then, you know, I would forget that you were touching me at different parts. So it is this weird suspension thing that happens. Suspension and expansion, or extension. It got kind of, like when you were touching my, like when you got up here, it was a part of me that was getting kind of emotional.


It’s funny. It’s like, parts of it felt almost psychedelic, or I related it to those experiences. Like when I first sort of felt something, like after the ankles you started doing something. And I almost felt like you split in two, like there were two different people. Like literally, I was thinking, “What side is she on?” What side were you on? Some things were more subtle, or it felt interesting, but it didn’t take me somewhere else like that… But then when you were doing these kind of things, all of a sudden I felt like my nostrils were back here, and I was breathing through like…I mean, it’s funny, it was like the image that was conjured in my head... oh, and then the hip thing, I felt like you were going to fold me in… I felt like my hips were literally putty. A lot of it was kind of like a putty sensation… Like it felt, not my skin but maybe somewhere underneath… kind of like putty.